Custom Crafted

As a UK manufacturer working with glass and aluminium our environmental credentials get a head start. Glass is a fantastic medium with 100% of all new glass manufacture in the UK using 50% recycled content.

Aluminium can be recycled time and time again. None of the properties are lost and, in contrast to many other materials, aluminium’s properties never change. Aluminium is therefore, a valuable raw material – irrespective of where in the natural cycle it is to be found.

The recycling of aluminium not only reduces waste, it saves energy, conserves natural resources and can provide considerable revenue. In short, it is good for the environment and good for the economy. It uses 95 percent less energy than the production of primary metal from raw materials.

We resource responsibly and follow clear guidelines for waste disposal and recycling.

We strictly adhere to PEFC & FSC timber products and are happy to provide chain of custody documentation.

We also actively engage in third party schemes operated by principal main contractors and actively encourage new schemes to educate and further enhance our safer working practices.

  • BSI 14001-2004
  • Active recycling policies
  • PEFC & FSC resourcing
  • Local Employer
  • UK manufacturer
  • Low carbon footprint